Saleri Receives its First Sustainability Rating

Saleri, the specialized company in the development of thermal management systems, has received its first sustainability rating from Cerved Rating Agency: ESG risk management capability High, Rating BBB with Score 65.2

Industrie Saleri Italo S.p.A., a leader in the design and production of Thermal Management systems for passenger cars, confirms its commitment to integrate sustainability into their business to support the industry transformation by obtaining the first (initiation of coverage) ESGe Rating BBB with an ESGe Score of 65.2. The score, referring to the year 2021, rates the company’s risk management capabilities as High.

Cerved on the Rating: “The Saleri Group shows a high ability to manage ESG risks and opportunities. The results based on the analysis of the 2021 Sustainability Report, in comparison with the reference cluster ‘Equipment and Machinery’, led to the attribution of an ESGe Rating of BBB. The Company shows an increasing focus on ESG issues, especially about the mitigation of corporate governance risks”.

Matteo Cosmi, Managing Director of Industrie Saleri Italo S.p.A., commented, “Consistent with Saleri’s values, this milestone of maximum transparency confirms our commitment to sustainability. The rating is a tool that, through confrontation with analysts, allows the definition of a clear mapping of our potential and improvement areas in ESG issues.”

About Cerved Rating Agency

Cerved Rating Agency is the Italian rating agency specialized in the assessment of the creditworthiness of Italian non-financial corporates and their debt securities: it issues solicited and unsolicited credit ratings. It is a credit rating agency registered by ESMA according to Regulation EC 1060/2009. As External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI) under Regulation EC n. 575/2013 it provides more than 25,000 ratings to Italian institutions that use them for regulatory purposes. Cerved Rating Agency, through its ESG Solutions, provides also sustainability assessments on financial and non-financial corporates to companies that adopt sustainability in their business model and to investors who operate according to the principles of responsible investment. The core business is focused on offering sustainability ratings based on the analysis and measurement of ESG factors published by companies in their sustainability reports and non-financial statements. Cerved Rating Agency adopts a rigorous approach in the analysis of ESG factors by applying a standardized proprietary metric. The rating methodology is developed on the basis of standards of ESG data and information recommended by the Global Reporting Initiative. The use of machine learning and big data analytics technologies make it possible to integrate the ESG offer with innovative and high added value services.

Founded in 1942, Industrie Saleri Italo S.p.A. now heads an international group (“Saleri Group”) leader in the development of Thermal Management solutions for the automotive industry, as Tier 1 supplier of Europe’s leading car manufacturers, in the premium brands segment. The Thermal Management systems are co-designed with the client, at every stage of the process: from product concept, through prototyping and onto mass production. The Group also operates in the Independent Aftermarket, offering cooling systems and engine parts qualitatively equivalent to the original in terms of performance and reliability. The Group is well positioned to serve global market through 6 subsidiaries, distributing in 55 national markets. Saleri group employs around 600 people and recorded 160 million € revenues in 2021.

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