Saleri: Partnership in the US with Cooper Standard for Joint Development of Innovative Dynamic Fluid Control Technology for the Electric Vehicle Market

Industrie Saleri Italo S.p.A. announces a joint development agreement with Cooper Standard (NYSE: CPS) to create a novel family of high-performance coolant fluid management devices which combine the functionality of pumps with advanced fluid control, routing, and connection technologies for the battery electric vehicle market.

This new dynamic fluid control portfolio is expected to offer customers a family of integrated solutions that consolidate requirements for pumps, valves, hoses and connections into a single device. The new technology will reduce system complexity, lower power consumption, and offer advanced fluid flow management in a small, lightweight package, ultimately helping increase vehicle range through optimized fluid flow. Given its compact design and configuration options, these products will allow for flexibility in advanced vehicle designs and can also be easily integrated into existing systems.

“Once again we have been recognized for our expertise in developing thermal management solutions that are able to adapt to each customer’s needs,” said Matteo Cosmi, managing director, Saleri Group. “Being valued by Cooper Standard makes us proud. The new joint development will address the battery electric vehicle market, offering new solutions to reduce energy consumption and augmented efficiency through fluid management in a smart, compact product with the flexibility in also adapting to existing systems.”

“We are pleased to partner with Saleri on this important innovation project as we continue advancing our fluid handling strategy to meet the unique needs of the electric vehicle market,” said Tom Stimson, vice president engineering and product development, Cooper Standard. “The core competencies and capabilities of both companies provide a unique blend of expertise to optimize fluid flow in the vehicle, offering our customers improved operational vehicle performance.”