Saleri Group: Leading the Way in Automotive Thermal Management Systems

Saleri is leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing advanced Thermal Management systems and cooling solutions for the automotive industry. With a history dating back to 1942, Saleri has established itself as a trusted partner to prestigious car manufacturers worldwide. Our commitment to research and development, flexible technical solutions, and focus on quality standards enable us to satisfy the growing demand for innovative thermal management solutions both for vehicles fitted with an internal combustion engine and for those with new generation electric engines. The Saleri Group now serves the global market through 7 locations and employs 660 people, recording 203 million € revenues in 2023.

The Group brings together businesses highly specialized in designing and producing solutions to support the transformation of the automotive industry through three business units.

As a Tier 1 supplier, Saleri deploys the design, development, and manufacturing of Thermal Management systems and cooling systems for leading European car manufacturers in the premium brands segment. Our collaborative approach involves co-designing Thermal Management systems with customers throughout the entire process, from product conception through prototyping and onto mass production.

Leveraging our expertise and established position as an Original Equipment manufacturer, Saleri also offers a comprehensive range of spare parts for the Independent Aftermarket segment. Our product lineup includes water pumps, distribution kits, components, and wheel bearings, with over 8,000 different products distributed across 50 markets worldwide. In 2021, Saleri Group expanded its offerings by acquiring the global trademark rights of the renowned brand Ruville and the Italian company C.D.C. S.r.l., specializing in engine and chassis auto parts for the automotive Aftermarket. These strategic acquisitions led to the birth of Saleri Aftermarket S.p.A., a dynamic company dedicated to the IAM market, combining decades of experience, new product categories, and enhanced service levels.

Our Industrial Automation division is involved in industry 4.0 projects, focusing on the design and implementation of advanced industrial automation systems and assembly lines for General Industry. In July 2019, Saleri Group acquired ABL Automazione S.r.l., a leading company in automatic assembly machine and line manufacturing. By employing in-house resources and a network of trusted engineering workshops, we ensure quality and rapid turnaround times for our customers.

Global Reach

Our group is strategically positioned to meet the global market and major automotive hubs by implementing a local-to-local production strategy.


Industrie Saleri Italo S.p.A.

EMEA Region

Our headquarters reside in Lumezzane, val Gobbia, the heart of the Brescia area’s production district. This site comprises offices, production facilities, warehouses, a testing laboratory, and the Research & Innovation area.

Saleri A

Production and Assembly (with a capacity of approximately 3 million water pumps), Warehouses, and Offices

14,250 sqm

Facility size

Saleri B

Testing Area

3,000 sqm

Facility size

Saleri C

Assembly (with a capacity of around 1 million water pumps)

4,700 sqm

Facility size


ABL Automazione Srl


Robotic and integrated tending cells


Lines and machines

Testing, inspection, and approval

Test bays and systems for visual inspection of quality and processes


Facility size


Saleri Aftermarket S.p.A.

IAM logistics platform, warehouses, offices

Facility size


Saleri Thermal Management Competence Center

Our innovation hub is dedicated to designing and defining system architectures for integrated coordination and management of the vehicle’s thermal dynamics through our Thermal Management System. Additionally, this site serves as a strategic center for fostering business relationships and partnerships with leading players in the German automotive market


Saleri Mexico S.A. de C.V.

NAR + LATAM Region

Assembly, Warehouses, and Offices

Facility size


Saleri India PVT LTD

INDIA + South Asia Region

Assembly, Warehouses, and Offices

Facility size


Saleri Shanghai Co. LTD

APAC Region

Assembly, Warehouses, and Offices

Facility size

Us in a Nutshell

Driving Innovation and Sustainability

At Saleri, sustainability is at the heart of our work. For over three decades, we have been dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of Light Vehicles through innovative approaches. Our comprehensive Sustainability Plan combines our economic goals with our social and environmental responsibilities, defining our commitment to a more sustainable future for the automotive industry.

A one-of-a-kind solution provider

With a long-standing tradition of building enduring relationships, Saleri offers a peculiar value proposition to its customers. Our high specialization, deep flexibility, and customization capabilities make us a one-of-a-kind solution provider in the market.

Developing Future-Ready Solutions

From our beginnings as water pump developers and manufacturers, we have transformed into expert designers of advanced Thermal Management Systems. This journey has been fueled by substantial investments in research and innovation, as well as the continuous development of our talented team.

Global Market Presence with Local-to-Local Strategy

Saleri Group is positioned to serve the global market through seven locations worldwide. We have implemented a local-to-local strategy around the main automotive hubs, such as Mexico/North America, China, and India. This enables us to provide on site service and support, ensuring a seamless partnership throughout the supply chain.

Operations Management and Manufacturing Quality

With constant effort, we continuously work to enhance the performance of our production facilities. Through our Saleri Excellence Operation System (SEOS) and Shop Floor Management techniques, we optimize our operations, ensuring best-in-class manufacturing quality and efficiency.

Excellence in details

Attention to detail, transparency, and a culture of care are reckoned in our organization, fostering a collaborative environment that drives development and problem-solving.

Consolidated Financial Statement

Discover more about our consolidated results and the integrated sustainability report, prepared pursuant Articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 254/2016. Learn more about our next steps to support the automotive industry transformation, our technologies and our people.


The strength of a group is measured by the belief that, even in adversity, courage and commitment to achieving an objective will make it stronger than before.


The milestones of our history, from an Italian-based mechanical manufacturer to a leading supplier of mechatronic solutions on a global scale.