Driving Transformation in the Automotive Industry

Saleri Group is committed to continuous progress in anticipation of the dynamic demands and rigorous standards of the automotive market. At the heart of our Research & Innovation department lies the focus on optimizing Thermal Management solutions supporting the industry’s evolution towards sustainable and comfortable vehicles.

Embracing Future Trends

In today’s ever-changing market, being perceived as a trusted partner and a technological point of reference is crucial. Saleri aims to position itself as the go-to resource for customers seeking to stay ahead of emerging market trends such as electrification, sustainability, ecological transition, and IoT integration. By taking a proactive role in technological and scientific development, we enable carmakers to enhance performance and sustainability.

Engineering and Technological Competencies

Our international R&I team features diverse engineering and technological competencies, covering Mechanics, Electronics, Fluid-dynamics, Vibracoustic, Thermodynamic Stability, and Noise Reduction. Since 2000, the team has developed 283 global patents showcasing our innovation efforts.

Innovating & Supporting the Automotive Industry Transformation

Global Patents


Since 2000






Thermodynamic Stability

Noise Reduction

Our Core Competencies

Saleri’s multidisciplinary technical and scientific team, known as the Product Concept division, lies at the beating heart of our innovation efforts. They drive research, process new concepts, and develop new patents.

We specialize in defining and developing advanced electromechanical and mechanical solutions tailored for the automotive industry.

Saleri has extensive expertise in managing the multiple thermal dynamics associated with vehicle electrification. From developing advanced hardware components to creating innovative software devices for comprehensive electrical system control, we are dedicated to maximizing vehicle performance in the electric era.

We’re committed to coordinating and managing the thermal dynamics of vehicles. Through our Thermal Management System, we design and optimize the operating environment of each component, ensuring operational efficiency, vehicle safety, and reduced emissions.

We employ engineering calculation software to preliminarily analyze and optimize solutions to any problem related to our technological implementations. Moreover, we conduct rigorous in-house testing to physically verify components and devices to assess and guarantee life-long product quality:

  • Performance/Characterization Testing;
  • Durability tests;
  • Environmental Tests (climatic chambers, thermal shocks, salt spray, corrosion, immersion);
  • Vibration Testing (Shaker with climate chamber);
  • NVH Testing;
  • Accelerated Aging Tests.

Innovation Research, Competence Center and Global Collaborations

At the heart of this commitment, our main innovation and competence center is based in Italy, collaborating closely with five Universities and three leading international tech players.

Additionally, Saleri operates a Thermal Management Competence Center in Munich, Germany, focused on supporting customers in developing integrated thermal management systems for next-generation Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) platforms. We also have established R&I centers in Shanghai, China, and Pune, India, expanding our global reach and fostering innovation on a worldwide scale.