At Saleri, our growth and vision are driven by the dedication of our people. We take pride in fostering a culture of innovation where advanced technologies make a sustainable impact and deliver new mobility solutions.

We are committed to the well-being and professional development of our employees. Our work environment values the promotion of innovation, creativity, and talent development. With a strong focus on continuous training, authentic dialogue, and open innovation, the Saleri Group encourages work empowerment and growth.

With more than 600 professionals, our company relies on a relatively low average age (38.9 years) staff. We value diversity: women represent 39.8% and 25% of the total headcount are engineers.

Saleri guarantees equal opportunities to its personnel and all candidates, avoiding all forms of discrimination. We encourage career advancement, enhancing a strong sense of belonging within our qualified resources.

Our workforce spans five countries, reflecting our commitment to internationalism and creating a cooperative, inclusive, and integrated professional environment.




Average age





Our values, our identity

For more than 80 years, our group has been operating, growing and evolving, expanding its horizons and remaining true to its values:

Determination and reliability

We are the main performers of each of our actions and of all of their consequences. We are practical and concrete and we improve ourselves daily in order to earn the respect of those who choose to rely on us.

Transparency and dialogue

We are not afraid of showing ourselves for who we are. We strongly believe in showing integrity. We are committed to creating an open exchange and to the sharing of information that is simple, usable and available to all.

Courage and pride

We proudly defend our history, who we are and the territory we come from. We have learned to overcome obstacles by consolidating our attitude and our evolutionary strength with dedication and capability.


We set ourselves increasingly challenging goals. To achieve them, we look for opportunities for progress and act promptly, flexibly and dynamically.

Passion, care, respect

We love our work and, for this reason, we make sure that we take care of our products and processes, as well as all of our actions and relationships. For us, excellence is dedicating ourselves to every detail and cultivating our passion: a taste for things done properly.

Health and Safety

The Saleri Group considers the protection of the Health and Safety of its workers and all those interacting or collaborating with its business activities to be a priority goal.

The Company is ISO 45001 certified and assesses, manages and improves workplace health and safety on a daily basis, developing a shared and structured Group Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Saleri has set up a specific management system to guarantee the proper performance of activities designed to eliminate or minimise risk, to ensure a proper flow of information to the employer for risk assessment purposes and, vice versa, a flow of information towards the employees so that they have all the information needed to their safeguard.