Integrated Approach to Product Development and Customer Satisfaction

Saleri offers a deeply integrated approach to product development. From the initial concept to mass production, our dedicated team is involved in every stage of the process, ensuring the delivery of the best solutions in all circumstances. With a focus on skill integration, sharing, flexibility, and transparency, Saleri can effectively serve customers’ specific needs.

Highly Automated Production System – Industry 4.0 for Quality and Reliability

We have implemented a highly automated production system inspired by the principles of modularity and flexibility. At Saleri, our factories host a production structure that seamlessly adapts to both small and large production runs, including auto-parts production and assembly of finished products. This allows us to guarantee the highest levels of quality and reliability, accommodating a diverse range of variations and volume growth.

Global Manufacturing Capacity and Reach


Total manufacturing
surface worldwide


Total manufacturing
capacity per year (units)




Production plants
in three continents

Quality-Driven Culture

Strengthening Market Position and Efficiency Through Lean Transformation

In the competitive automotive components market, Saleri is committed to maintaining a quality-driven culture. To achieve this, the company has undertaken a journey of Lean Transformation to capitalize on investments and enhance the professionalism of its employees. Thanks to the achieved results, the company has consolidated its role as a supplier to the most prominent automotive brands.

Leveraging Advanced Technology for Optimal Efficiency

The use of advanced technology together with the development of specific know-how permits the implementation of state-of-the art solutions and enables the optimisation of the manufacturing process while, also, guaranteeing the best use of resources, reducing waste and, consequently, maximising efficiency.

Introducing the “Saleri Excellence Operation System” (SEOS)

In pursuit of continuous improvement, Saleri has long followed the lean philosophy in designing and developing its production lines. In 2020, adopting Shop Floor Management techniques led to the creation of the “Saleri Excellence Operation System” (SEOS). This management system improves production performance while leveraging empowerment, knowledge sharing, and open dialogue, all aimed at continuous improvement.

The group rolled out SEOS to all Saleri facilities around the world. As the organization grows, Shopfloor Management will lay sustainable basis for the long-term path of Lean Transformation.

A Culture of Meticulous Attention to Detail

At Saleri, attention to detail is rooted in every phase of the production process. For years, the company has been dedicated to instilling a “culture of care for details” throughout the organisation, for every person at every level and department.

Our quality controls:

  • Dimensional checks with CMM Machines
  • Dimensional checks with optical machines (GOM-OGP)
  • Visual inspections
  • Hardness testing
  • Cleaning tests with PALL Booth
  • Component integrity verification using penetrant liquids
  • Surface roughness and profile inspections
  • Roundness measurements
  • Inspections with Laser verification systems
  • Inspections with pneumatic measurement systems
  • Inspections with variable and attribute measurement tools

Our Quality System

Discover Saleri’s commitment to quality and sustainability in the automotive industry. With a focus on respect for customers, employees, supply chain, and the environment, we supply best-in-class automotive Thermal Management solutions.