Meeting the needs of the Automotive Industry with advanced Thermal Management Technologies

Saleri supports the automotive industry transformation through a continuous effort in innovation. Our focus lies in delivering innovative solutions that effectively address the ever-evolving needs of the automotive industry.

Any system cooled by the circulation of a fluid requires the best Thermal Management solution. Over the years, Saleri has developed cooling and Thermal Management systems that guarantee ever more advanced solutions, in line with growing market demands in terms of performance and environmental protection. 

Thermal Management is a key technology for electric mobility and plays a central role in the overall efficiency of the vehicle, especially in ensuring – under all conditions of use – the correct operating temperature of the batteries in order to maximise their autonomy and the entire life cycle.

ITMM – Integrated thermal management module

Our Integrated Thermal Management Module (ITMM) offers a compact and seamless interconnection among electric vehicles’ key components and heat users.

By emphasizing high-level integration, this module drastically reduces weight, system volume, and cooling fluids, contributing to extended range and simplified vehicle installation processes and resulting in several significant benefits:

Increased clearance
to other components

thanks to reduced packaging space.

Improved serviceability
by consolidating all thermal management components in one location.

Weight savings
when compared to separate components.

final assembly process

E-Pumps range

Our E-Pumps range presents a new generation of electric pumps tailored for 12 V / 24 V applications on Light Vehicles. Covering a power range between 30 and 600 W, these pumps come with a customizable interface to meet the specific needs of different carmakers’ Thermal Management systems. They can be used with water glycol, or alternative fluids, delivering performance and reliability.

Mechanical water pumps

Operating as primary components, our Mechanical Water Pumps ensure optimal circulation of cooling fluids throughout the engine. These versatile, multi-purpose pumps are specially developed for existing engine cooling systems to achieve the optimal operating temperature of the combustion engine, vital for reducing CO2 emissions. 

Switchable water pumps

Saleri’s Switchable Water Pumps correspond to several cooling system categories based on their operating principle. They offer optimal temperature control strategies to minimize CO2 production.

Electromechanical pumps

Combining electrical and mechanical operation in a single product, our dual-drive water Electromechanical Pumps offer remarkable adjustability in terms of performance, power, and rotor speed to ensure a wide range of use. Their key advantages include:

  • Immediate switching between mechanical and electrical modes.
  • Energy savings during the vehicle warm-up phase.
  • The option for zero flow when no cooling is needed.