Our purpose

To enable people sustainable mobility by innovating and supporting the automotive industry transformation.

Our sustainability ambition

Integrating sustainability into our business to support the industry transformation to pursue growth for our local communities and the people who work with us and our supplier partner.

Our approach

We are aware that the value we generate is the measure of our ability as a company and as a group to meet the expectations of our stakeholders, be they shareholders and lenders, employees and their families or the areas where we are situated. We understand that the value we generate must be sustainable from an economic, social and environmental perspective. Our values represent the way in which we intend to generate and share value. This distinguishes us and is part of our identity.

We are Saleri

We are an innovative global group in the automotive industry.

Our purpose is to enable people sustainable mobility.

We have integrated sustainability into our business to achieve our ambition.

Innovating to support the automotive industry transformation.

To pursue growth for our local communities,

the people who work with us and our partners.

Preserving our planet.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), valid from 2015 until 2030. They will coordinate common objectives and touch on issues of social development, the fight against climate change, environmental protection, human rights and cooperation. Since 2020, the Saleri Group has identified the SDGs most relevant to it and has paired them with its own material issues in order to render more explicit its contribution, as a business, towards sustainable development.

Sustainability Reports and ratings

As we progress on our journey, our primary focus is to adopt a data-driven and long-term approach to managing environmental, social, and governance matters.

Our Sustainability Path Ahead

The Saleri Group has always believed that social and environmental issues are an integral part of its strategy.

The Board of Directors guides the company in seeking to create sustainable value for stakeholders with a medium/long-term outlook. With the aim of boosting attention to corporate social responsibility on all levels, in order to guide the Transition plan, sustain our ambition, guarantee transparency and monitoring, the Saleri Group has created an ad hoc governance and set up the Sustainability Steering Committee. Subject to the instructions, approval and guidance of the Board of Directors, it is tasked with applying the Group’s sustainability strategy, implementing sustainability projects, monitoring and reporting on the progress made.

Sustainability Plan

Since 1942, Saleri has accompanied the evolution of the automotive, designing and producing cooling systems that offer increasingly efficient and sustainable solutions, with the aim of constant improvement. Saleri was born for this: to evolve through continuous innovation and to create products that make cars ever more comfortable and sustainable.

Starting from its roots, from its DNA, the Group has committed to and drawn up a Transition Plan in compliance with the undertaking signed with its customers: to become carbon neutral by 2039.

The drawing up of the Sustainability Plan 2022-2025 forms part of the Transition Plan. It has defined areas, targets, actions and projects in order to pursue sustainability objectives. The Sustainability Plan has also established a monitoring system for the systematic, regular monitoring of the actions taken. When determining the Plan’s strategic drivers, in addition to the strategic business plan and the Group materiality matrix, the proprieties set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda, through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), were also taken into account.

Transparency and Business Ethics

Our group is strategically positioned to meet the global market and major automotive hubs by implementing a local-to-local production strategy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Saleri Group aims to achieve sustainable growth by supplying innovative products of the highest quality, while creating added value for its stakeholders through actions inspired by conscious corporate social responsibility.

Consolidated Financial Statement

Discover more about our consolidated results and the integrated sustainability report, prepared pursuant Articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 254/2016. Learn more about our next steps to support the automotive industry transformation, our technologies and our people.