The milestones of our history, from an Italian-based mechanical manufacturer to a leading supplier of mechatronic solutions on a global scale.


Foundation in Lumezzane, Italy

The history of Saleri began in 1942, in Lumezzane.


Automotive Component Supplier

During the ’50s and ’60s, the business experienced rapid growth and established itself as a leading supplier of components for the automotive market in Italy.


IAM Water Pump Production – the SIL Brand

In 1970, the company focused on producing water pumps for the Independent Aftermarket (IAM) segment, and the SIL brand became a prominent player in the European market.


Entry into Automotive OE Market

In 2000, Saleri became a Tier 1 Original Equipment (OE) supplier of water pumps, creating the OE division alongside the well-established Aftermarket division. We dedicated ourselves to Research and Development, becoming a trusted supplier of cooling systems for European premium carmakers.


International Expansion in China

To start a process of internationalisation, Saleri established Saleri Shanghai Co. LTD in China in 2008, serving as a manufacturing and distribution entity.


Innovation and Patents

In 2009, Saleri developed its first electric pump, introducing flexible technology that precisely regulates refrigerant fluid flow and communicates with vehicles. 

In 2012 we patented the switchable pump, which offers optimal regulation of temperature control in the engine compartment with the aim of reducing CO2 and harmful emissions.


Electromechanical Pump (EMP) introduction

The advent of new-generation engines that require higher energy management standards was accompanied by the development of the Electromechanical Pump (EMP) in 2016. Still a Saleri exclusive, the EMP provides optimal temperature control and emissions reductions without requiring increased power absorption.


Capital Increase for Growth

Through a capital increase subscribed by the Saleri Family and Quaestio Capital SGR S.P.A., as manager and on behalf of the Italian Fund (FIIA) Quaestio Italian Growth, the Saleri Group raised funds in 2018, accelerating growth plans, including strategic acquisitions and expanded investments.


The Birth of the Industrial Automation business unit and Foundation of Saleri Mexico

In July 2019, the Saleri Group acquired ABL Automazione S.r.l., a company that produces automated assembly systems. Thanks to this deal, Saleri acquired significant process know-how, which would facilitate the swift, effective roll-out of the Saleri Method at its international plants. Saleri Mexico S.A. de C.V. was founded in Monterrey, Nuevo Leòn, in October 2019 to serve the American automotive market.


Development of the Integrated Thermal Management Module

In 2020, Saleri initiated the internal development of the Integrated Thermal Management Module (ITMM) for Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) applications.


Foundation of Saleri India and Saleri Aftermarket S.p.A.

Early in 2021, Saleri India Private Ltd. was established in Pune, Maharashtra, to support the Indian automotive market. In August 2021, Saleri acquired the Ruville brand and C.D.C. S.r.l., forming Saleri Aftermarket S.p.A., which unites SIL and Ruville brands with C.D.C.’s commercial activities.


Saleri Thermal Management Competence Center

During 2022, Saleri established an Innovation hub in Munich, known as the Saleri Thermal Management Competence Center, focused on designing and defining system architectures for integrated coordination and management of vehicle thermal dynamics (Thermal Management System).